What We're Doing

We are building a diverse, powerful constituency. In the short term, we are engaging local decision-makers to protect working families from the harshest impacts of this crisis. In the long term, Common Ground aims to reshape the economy and politics of Solano County. We are developing the capacity of everyday people to move from isolation to community, to become active agents and leaders. It’s hard work, and it takes time. But conversation by conversation, action by action, we are building the kind of constituency needed to ensure families in Solano County have the resources they need to thrive.


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  • We are currently working on proposals for revitalizing blighted property, a proposal to fund additional legal services for low-income residents of Solano under threat of losing their homes.
  • After months of negotiations, the Police Oversight and Accountability Ordinance passed in Vallejo.


  • Successfully pushed County Supervisors to double the amount of funding allocated to rental assistance in the first months of Covid-19
  • Co-authored one of the strongest eviction protection ordinances in California, and worked with County Supervisors to pass it
  • Successfully pushed County Supervisors to approve our proposal to hire additional paralegals to help desperate tenants with eviction paperwork that could help keep them in their homes.
  • Facilitated communication between key players in Solano County's disaster response network
  • Organized a team of Spanish-speaking leaders to ensure that this community's needs and stories are represented


  • Researched and wrote an ordinance to clean up vacant lots in the City of Vallejo, and worked with council to pass it
  • Kept 250 households in Vallejo safe from losing their homes. When an investor bought their property and raised the rent by $1,000 overnight, Common Ground worked with Vallejo City Council to freeze the rent hike, and broker a negotiation with the landlord.


  • Identified and repaired 10 of most dangerous intersections in Vallejo with additional signage and crosswalks
  • Worked with Fairfield Police Department to sensitize officers to working respectfully with immigrant residents