Common Ground

Who We Are

Strengthen our Institutions and Create Community Change in Solano and Napa Counties


We are diverse religious and non-profits organizations in Solano and Napa Counties who are forming a broad-based, non-partisan organization, which will help us to:

  •  Build strong relationships within and across our communities;
  • Equip our members with leadership and organizing skills;
  • Act powerfully together on concrete issues facing our communities.

We are building this effort with the help of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the nation’s oldest and largest leadership development and broad-based organizing network.


Relationships. The issues we work on come out of conversations in which people share stories about experiences and concerns. We build on these relationships to strengthen connections between people, which is the foundation for effecting real change.

Leadership. We identify and develop leaders within our institutions and across our communities, so that our institutions get stronger and we can accomplish more together.

Ownership. Dues from member institutions, in addition to some foundation support, fund the organization. We accept no government money. This allows us the freedom to reflect the interests and values of the institutions that make up the organization.

Practical solutions. We work on concrete issues that we can do something about. Once potential   issues are identified, we do research and power analysis to develop practical, achievable solutions. We measure success with a triple bottom line: Are we bringing about change? Are we developing leadership? Are we growing the power of people to act on their values?


  • We have more than twenty congregations and non-profits that are either already members or seriously exploring membership, and we welcome more!
  • Member congregations are working internally to identify and form leadership, develop strategic plans and identify issues they want to work on that are impacting their families and communities.
  • We have a Clergy and Non-Profit Leader Caucus and a Central Leadership Team, made up of representatives from each member and exploring institution. Both meet monthly.
  • We held a Founding Convention of our new organizing effort on Sunday, June 23, 2013, at the Gym of St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School, 1500 Benicia Rd. in Vallejo
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